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Are you having any sewer or drain issues? Lentz Plumbing Company will use our fiber-optic camera to inspect your sewer or drain. This inspection will let you know exactly what's wrong saving you time and money.


We're here for all of your needs including sewer and drain cleaning, sewer camera inspections, FREE bids on replacements, estimates, installing sewer cleanouts, repairing and replacing drain lines, repairing slow drains, and more.

Reliable Sewer Repair and Replacement

Common drain problems

  • Offset, collapsed, or broken pipe - shifting or freezing ground and also settling

  • Orangeburg pipe - existing pipe is constructed of press tar paper and has deteriorated over the years requiring complete replacement

  • Deteriorated or cracked joints - the seals of the joints have been compromised, which allow seepage in the soil and attract roots

  • Blockage - obstruction in sewer line preventing sewer from draining properly

  • Uneven grade - a low spot in the sewer line which collects waste and debris in the sewer preventing it from draining properly

  • Root intrusion - tree roots have grown into the sewer line, usually at the connecting joints, requiring auguring and ultimately repair or replacement

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